Thursday, June 08, 2006

Last Days of the Vegas Vacation: Retail Therapy At Ceasers

Caesars had built a large addition to its shops when we were living in Vegas, but we never visited before leaving. So, I made a point of stopping by, starting by leaving the car with the valet service. The interior is a blend of roman spectacle with all-American consumerism at full tilt. In other words, the prices of the goods in the shops had to pay for their ornate surroundings, which was a price I couldn't pay even if I was inclined to buy something.

On the left of the second picture are the spiral escalators. This had been one of the holy grails of moving engineering. One was attempted in 1906 for a London Tube stop, but it was scraped almost immediately after the station was first opened.

After a short tour, I left, a dollar poorer once I got my car back. I tipped the valet, adding I wouldn't have been so cheap but it was the end of my trip. I don't think she was expecting much from the owner of a '99 Ford Escort station wagon. The Lexus' and Mercedes around me would tip her well, leaving me guilt free.

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