Sunday, June 04, 2006

First Friday in the Vegas Arts District

Every month there’s a big arts throwdown the first Friday of every month. For a short while, we walked Main St. taking in the few new galleries and murals that have appeared since we left Vegas. There’s some talk about the street carnival/low-brow nature of First Friday, with a concern that high culture isn’t enough of the night’s focus. But I love seeing all the people that wouldn’t be braving the summer heat otherwise. The diversity of people walking around means that there is broad appeal for the event, and its less likely to be affected by the fickle tastes of trendsetters and hipsters that seem to doom clubs and events in Vegas that are no longer in favor.

I didn’t expect to buy anything that night, but while walking by the new Avant Arts gallery, I bought this t-shirt…

And right before we left for the night, we ran in to local artist Shan Michael. We love his work and we bought 5 pieces a few years ago. Since then, he generously gave us 3 more, and I got a t-shirt that night from him…

All in all a good night that went by too quickly.

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Pictures from First Friday, June '06

The Artwork of Amy Sol at the Arts Factory.

Burning Man near the Funkhouse.

Mike Bigg's "Freak Baby" at the Avant Arts Gallery.

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duane said...

that T-shirt = rock!!! Love it!