Sunday, May 07, 2006

T - 3 Days: Good Bye Atlanta, Hello $3 + Gas!

Today is a packing day, getting the needed goodies ready for the roadtrip. And cleaning the apartment, so when we arrive back in the ATL, we aren't confronted with a mess.

Monday and Tuesday will be hectic, with a planned very-good meeting, and a potentially very-bad car repair appointment.

The Good; I am being brought onboard to advise and consult with an Atlanta architecture firm about a new project of theirs. Meeting on Monday to flesh out our relationship. Details will be purposefully vague for the near future. But like most of my jobs, I will be a big cheerleader. Partially to kiss ass and mainly because I am lucky enough to like/love what I do. "Excelsior!"

The Bad; a trip to the mechanics for a a mildly expensive air-conditioning repair that has the potential to move onto the low 4 digits. But at the beginning of a 5-week trip, neither one of us is willing to worry about the A/C crapping in the Nevada desert. Our little car has been relatively cheap to maintain so this expense doesn't fill us with resentment. It just makes our credit card people very happy.

I have resolved that this trip will not be filled to the brim with visits to roadside attractions and other oddities of Americana. I always have hopes about seeing collections of bizarre places, and my high expectations are usually dashed. It comes from a mix of not wanting to bake our cat in the car, trying to keep to a budget and not adding too much travel time. But I do know that each place of interest passed will bring a little twinge of regret, as I don't know if we will ever pass these places again.

I guess I can do without a visit to the World's Largest Mallard or whatever else when my copilot is a rocking sweetie who makes my life a joy.

And that's what the trip is all about: QT with the cutie.

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