Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Getting in Trouble at the Bar, Weird Georgia, and God in Las Vegas

What's better then trying to get your friends in trouble at the bar? Not much.

The girl that was making a spectacle of herself by bumping and grinding her girlfriend all evening left her purse open on the bar. Only the sharp eyes of one of our friends prevented us from putting his phone number on a napkin in the purse. So close! And they thought I was going to pussy out and not join them. How could I not, I had my Communist Party T-shirt on.

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My email had the newsletter from Weird US.Com talking about Tiger Ridge, GA. Their messageboard reposted the newsletter titled, "TIGER RIDGE, GA: INBRED AND LOVING IT?"

Knit Motorcycle, originally uploaded by Extreme Craft.

Also, I may have to take a trip to Athens to see Theresa Honeywell's Knit Motorcycle at the Georgia Museum of Art.

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2005-06-19+12-43-59, originally uploaded by Frank Peters.

Atlanta blogger hannahbeth just got back from Vegas, and noted, "God seems to be missing in Vegas and it's palpable and it made me very uncomfortable."

Being a 5-year resident of Vegas, I can tell you that's not true, he visits the strip just like every one else (map). Right off the strip is the Guardian Angel Cathedral. This modernist catholic church was built on land donated by the former owner of the now-destroyed Desert Inn, and features a stained-glass cityscape of Vegas with a collection of casinos depicted.

So far a google search finds no pictures of the cathedral's stained-glass. That's something I may try to remedy when we hit Vegas on our cross-country roadtrip.


reyus said...

looking forward to the pics of the stained glass in that Cathedral... I've also been looking online for pics of the Piczek sister's stained stained glass commissions (no luck)... they designed all the stained glass in a local church... very bold clean lines with amazing color... i want to use one of their designs for a tattoo.

btw cool blog!

Robert said...

From the blog owner,

Reyus, I have pix of the stained-glass. Get in touch with me for more info.