Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Dog Named Sideways: A Bit of Georgia Tech History

"Sideways the dog came into Tech hearts through a tragic case of abuse.

In March of 1945, a small black and white dog was thrown from a moving car near where the Varsity stands today. Tech students, rescuing the dog, brought her back to campus and nursed her back to health.

She recovered, but was left by the accident with a walk in which her head was permanently at an angle from her tail. This odd, off-centered gait gave her a name: Sideways.

Sideways would often accompany students to and from their classes, displaying a preference for certain professors' lectures. It was said that she would sit up and listen raptly to interesting lecturers, while she would curl up and sleep for a less engaging speaker.

Sideways would spend every night in a different dorm room, and would always get her meals at Brittain Dining Hall.
Sideways often had run-ins with the law and was frequently caught by the dog catcher, but was always bailed out of "prison" by her loyal student benefactors.

Her life came to an abrupt end when she ate some rat poison. She was buried on the northwest corner of Tech Tower, where her grave marker still stands today. From that vantage point on The Hill, she continues to watch over her benefactors in the student body."

From Ramblins - Stumpy's bear, Sideways the dog remembered in Tech history

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