Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Weekend in Review: Clothes and Kangaroos

Over the weekend, there was the plan to visit;

The Georgia Premium Outlet Mall
Helen, GA
The Kangaroo Conservation Center
and the Georgia Guidestones.

3 out of 4 wasn't bad.

First, the mall. After moaning about not having nice clothes, I finally got to buy some decent dress shirts and socks. Total cost for 3 shirts and 4 pairs of socks... less then $90. Nice.

After that, Helen, where we planned on staying the night. Funny thing, I forgot the suitcase. So, after a short debate we drove back to Atlanta, grabbed the suitcase, headed back, stopped at Steak and Shake, arrived at Helen and all was well. With meal it was a 4 hour roundtrip and actually a fun one, so mark one up to an awesome wife and patience.

Helen, GA decided to adopt a Bavarian/Alpine appearance for itself in 1969. Yup, it did that. Wouldn't say it's worth visiting for that sole reason alone, but now we can say we did. An hour driving in the morning around town was all the time we needed to spend to soak up the "atmosphere". I did miss an opportunity to take a picture of a restaurant named "Cannibal".

The last day was spent at the Kangaroo Conservation Center and Dahlonega, Georgia. The conservation center was great and Dahlonega was a cute little community that we had lunch in. After that it was an end to our roadtrip.


Before the trip, I was trolling the Internet looking for a map to the The Georgia Guidestones, I found that Amber had not only gone but taken pictures.

Which led me to tell my wife and without any input from Amber, "You know if things were different, Amber could be my girlfriend." I think Rusty would disagree and the point is moot, but I like the way she thinks about places worth visiting. I've been compiling a list of Georgia roadside attractions, oddities and places of interest. Of the few that I have located on the map, Amber has been to two. The following pictures come from her site.

The guidestones are in Elberton, Georgia (Google Local Map). Georgia is also home to the now-closed United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors. Can you be ununited if there is only a single nation? Hmmm.

Amber Rhea's Gallery :: Georgia Guidestones, etc. - 12.30.03
Amber Rhea's Gallery :: Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, etc. - 01.08.05


Amber said...

"You know if things were different, Amber could be my girlfriend."

Aw shucks. Go on. Does your wife hate me now? Will Rusty and I not be invited to any more fondue parties at your place?

Anyway... yeah. Glad you saw the Guidestones. They really are very imposing in person. And so freakin' WEIRD! Seriously, wtf, people. And did you notice the typo on one of the descriptor stones in the ground?

I'm itching for another road trip... may I recommend to anyone reading this the book Georgia Oddities. I so want to hit up the Rural Telephone Museum - but I think I'll have to take a day off work, since it has weird hours. I think it's probably just in the dude's house.

Robert said...

The Guidestones were the one thing that we didn't get to do on this trip. An afternoon tour of the Kangaroo Center would have meant a late arrival at the Guidestones.

Another trip, hurray.