Monday, February 13, 2006

Post-Work Post & Miscellaneous Idiocy

My work schedule is ending tonight after a long week and even longer two days at the Ferst Center:

Saturday 8am - 2:30am (14.5 hours worked) Bocca Tango

Sunday 9am-10pm (11 hours worked) Aquila Theatre Company's Hamlet

It is good to see well-done dance and theater to be reminded that they actually merit the attention they often get. The Booca Tango group was Argentinian tango. Beautiful dancing, live backing band. As a person who never felt dancing expressed anything in me more then a severe-whitness problem, I never search out dance for entertainment. But this was great.

Being that I was never an actor, nor incline to be dramatic, I never went to drama on stage. So, seeing Hamlet performed was a bit of a revelation. But being on the side of the stage instead of in front makes a difference, so I didn't get the full impact. But hearing and seeing the language live gave me better insight as to why I should care about William S.

Now that I am on a brief work hiatus, I'm looking forward to some chill time.

And know for something completely different...


When misspellings in Google searches result in strange results.

Stock Photo of Two women hodling mirror ball

They really look like they are hodling the mirror ball.

Jellio Design: Retro-tacky furniture and decorating items like this model-car parts piece...


“Unemployable choreographer and amateur harpist (M, 62) seeks recovering alcoholic with feeble mind. Own tap shoes an advantage.”

“Beneath this hostile museum curator’s exterior, lurks a hostile museum curator’s interior . . . ”

And you thought the Craigslist personals were strange.


Normally on display at the Smithsonian, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly was not open to the public on our Washington DC trip. Disappointed, but Masonic Robotic George Washington was pretty craptastic.


Large Book-Sculpture


Unplanned continuity in this post, shiny objects in pictures.

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