Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Futurliner: The Future Looked Better Back Then

In my future, I hope to have a small home on wheels. Shiny and chrome, probably an old airstream trailer. There was a small hope that one day I could own a GM Futurliner. Resplendent in red and chrome, the Futurliner brought General Motors' vision of the future to towns around the country, by displaying the best products GM had to offer at that time.

Few remain, and this one just sold at auction.

$4.3 million.

I'll keep saving for the Airstream.


Bob Valdez Futurliner - Bob Valdez's Mobilehome Futurliner, right idea, would have kept the orginal paint scheme.

Futurliner driver recalls Parade of Progress tour

The GM Futurliner Restoration Project Follows the restoration of #10

Futurliner Website Nice pix and info.

Barrett-Jackson Auctionhouse Press Release - Lot 1307 - GENERAL MOTORS FUTURLINER PARADE OF PROGRESS TOUR BUS

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