Monday, December 05, 2005

Work, Weather, Weekend: A Rainy Celebration of Age


Friday night, got to work the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Christmas show at the Ferst Center as a spotlight operator. Which meant a great view of the show. While I love me my vintage clothes, I wasn't huge into the swing thing when it had a revival in the 90's and I didn't know how much the band would be coasting on costumes and schtick. But the show was a great one with just the right amount of showmanship from the lead singer/guitar and stellar playing from the band.

Being the Christmas show, they did some seasonal tunes like "Mr Heat Miser" from The Year Without a Santa Claus. The best of the five Christmas songs was also the most interesting. It was a mambo version of Elvis's "Blue Christmas," with a Perez Prado tempo and horn treatment. Brought the house down.

Weather & Weekend:

Sunday was my birthday and the rain prevented my wife's plans from working out. We were going to roadtrip to Chattanooga to see Rock City's Garden of Lights. Years ago, Caroline and I went to Rock City and loved the retro-tacky/natural-beauty wonder of the it all. Don't know much about the place?... here's a good primer on one of my favorite places.

While I loved the idea of going for my birthday, I vetoed going in the rain. After an afternoon of watching the Atlanta Radar Map I'm glad we skipped it, nonstop rain from here to Chattanooga all day. Instead we went to the Antique Factory in Chamble, went to Atlantic Station just in time for all the stores to close and ran around Ikea for a little while. All in all a nice night.

And this morning I woke up early and got to open a package from FedEx. Thanks, Mom and Dad, it now lives on top of my iMac...

Click the picture to see the sign in its blinky, light-up glory.


The Muse said...

OMG - I so want one of those Welcome to Las Vegas signs! So cute! Where did your parents find that?

duane said...

happy belated birthday, duh!