Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pre-Christmas Post: The End of Work, Indie Atlanta Movie & Kudzu Covered Houses

Wth Christmas coming, I find my internet activities disrupted. Favorite sites, like Pitchfork, are taking a break, but here I am still hitting the web looking for new stuff to read.


Being an on-call worker means both making my own schedule and being at the whims of my employers. Christmas means the end of work until the new year.

But the last week has been crazy busy and the time off a welcome change. All of my waking time has been spent at the Ferst Center aiding in Tyler Perry's production of "Why Did I get Married?" In addition to 5 shows in 3 days, they were all taped to be eventually edited and released as a DVD.

For those who don't know Tyler Perry, he popped up on a lot of people's radar with the success of his movie, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." It was an adaptation of his sucessful play, and one that helped him get on Details Magazine's list of most powerful men under 39. Details states that he's earned about 80 million off of his various productions, plays, CDs and DVDs. His core demographic, blacks looking for an alternative to bling-and-crime focused entertainment. The central topic of his plays, the strengths found in faith, family and fidelity. All the shows last week, sold out. There was a reason a Bentley was parked out back of the Ferst Center. He knows what his audience want.


Why I love Shoplifting from Big Corporations A manifesto film about the evils of corporations and the joy of the 5-finger discount. Stars local girl Anessa Ramsey who was in Geek Love.


Kudzu Covered Houses in North Georgia

Kudzu in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas

By Jack Anthony

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Amber said...

Hey, you can almost see my apartment building in this picture!

My friend Adrian took a picture of a kudzu-covered house in Commerce, GA a few years ago - only to find it end up on a postcard being sold at Cracker Barrel, with no credit given to him. Boo, I say.