Saturday, December 31, 2005

"I Think Six Actually Kills A Cylon..."

I'm going to put aside writing "Holiday Wrap-Up Part 2: Washington D.C." until next post.

Instead, geek-out with me with a sci-fi/internet related post. Apple and the Sci-Fi channel got together and posted a-soon-to-be broadcast Battlestar Galactica teaser show (iTunes link to the show).

The 20 minute show is mainly a collection of old clips and musings by writers and actors. Very briefly, Tricia Helfer and Katie Sackhoff are seen together, not beating the hell out of each other. Althought that is good fun as well. There's nothing new or substantial about the new shows, but Trica does comment about her character snuffing out a cyclon. And it is fun to see Edward Jame Olmos smile when he talks.

I'm tempted to get some fellow Battlestar lovers together when the last half of the season starts up again. Because I love me the B.S.G. and I know some other local folks do as well.

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