Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bloggers Meetup Missed: Play Attended

I proved myself a dumbass last night by going to the "Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink" meetup a night early. And since I had been bitching about not having fun with my wife, I couldn't say no to her suggestion that we go to Push Push Theater to see "The Robbers." It is a movie-play that has significant parts of the performance on video. It's big risk and it pays out. Afterwards, we talked about how it was nice to go out to see some live theater (partially live in this case) and feel like it was money well spent.

Its a almost impossible show to recap, especially at this late hour. I find that it went well with my love of the harsh and profane wordplay in HBO's "Deadwood" series and thematically reminded me of "Fightclub" and "The Usual Suspects." Not being a regular attendee of theater, these are my best comparisons.

And that's what I did tonight.

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