Friday, October 28, 2005

Shrunken! Tiny!! Automobiles!!! Reducto Would Approve

A favorite Adult Swim villain with a penchant for shrinking things would love The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum. I am so there! I discovered this place about 20 minutes ago on Jalopnik. After finding Madison, GA via Google Maps, and visiting Bruce's website, I am awaiting the day I can go. An unusually full work schedule has me putting off this trip, but my wife has been promised/warned that I must go here.

Some examples of the cars on display. . .

1956 Avolette Tourisme (de Luxe)
1964 Zeta Sports
1958 Zundapp Janus


The upcoming show at the Museum of Design is coming along quite nicely. A showcase of the designer Raymond Loewy, the museum will be exhibiting a collection of his works. A seriously nice collection of pieces. Good works makes it almost impossible to screw up the exhibition.

Raymond Loewy Exhibition Fully Booked for Three Year US Tour

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