Friday, October 21, 2005

Road Tested Chair: Sit/Don't Sit + Car Talk

It's far too big, matches nothing in our house and at $3,200 would be a down payment on most cars. But I love this chair in all its... insert appropriate adjective. Available at UncommonGoods, along with other cool, overpriced things.

The chair falls under my love of vintage airstreams/travel trailers/roadside attractions. If it shiny, lights up and/or has wheels I like.

If I had me a silver house on wheels, I'd be towing it with my car. I've had a black '50 Mercury since my days in high school. Thing of beauty, but with $3 gas, I don't know what job I would have to get to actually afford the bill. So, for now it sits in upstate NY with my mom and pop. It's best that it stays there, with the crazed drivers and narrow streets here, I worry about our little car. Never mind this black and chrome battleship cruising the little streets of Atlanta.

At the first APWBWGTTD (Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink), this car was the answer to the question "What's the one thing you would save in an emergency?"

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