Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blather: A Post-Ado about Nothing

A recap of the last few days:

Earlier in the week, I ran around the Castleberry Arts District and passed my resume out to 5 galleries. I talked to all but one of the owners and none of the people acted like I handed them a dead fish when I gave them my resume. It's interesting to see an arts district in the making, with all the galleries being between 6 month and a year old. Everyone was talkative and generous with information. No promises were made or expected and hopefully I planted the seeds for future work.

Managed to get some work, a 14.5 hour day on Friday at the Ferst Center. Got there at 9am, left at 11:30pm. Good show, the Five Browns, a collection of piano-playing siblings (between highschool and college age) that all went to Julliard. It was a sold-out show, with lots of younger folks in the audience, which thrilled the family. After the show, got to see the parents and kids backstage, very nice, very un-diva-y. They have just started touring and will have no problem doing well. Between the people and the work, I'm digging the Ferst Center, and hoping to get more gigs there.

The picture above is one of the five Steinways that was on stage. It is brighter than the surrounding pianos because only its lights were one, no photoshop. I was in a Genie Lift onstage working with lights, giving me a great vantage point for the photo. The Ferst Center's backstage and dressing rooms are filled with wall art from previous groups and productions, see below for one of my favorites.

Saturday, walked around the neighborhood. It's a shame that spray-paint doesn't come with spell-check

Sunday, went to the Scott Antique Market. Normally $3 to get in but our late arrival had the ticket takers waive our admission. 300,000 plus square feet of exhibition space, with over 2,400 booths... that's what the website said and we believed it. Didn't find much in the mid-century mod that we tend to like which was fine since we have no money to spare. We proved that point when we dined at Costco, 2 hotdogs and 2 sodas for $3.50.

Monday had us entertained friends that had been displaced by the hurricanes. Katrina took out their New Orleans home, and they left to stay with family in Texas. While visiting family in Virginia, Rita knocked trees into their Texas residence and left it without power for weeks. Since our stay in Atlanta will be a limited one, we didn't sell our Vegas house. Our friends may be taking us up on the offer to stay there, and take a vaction away from damaged cities and broken infrastructure. It's the least we can do.

Tuesday had me accomplishing less then I wanted. All I got done were the dishes; no resumes handed out, no new leads, nothing to get more money coming in. I did sent a thank-you to the guy that pointed me to the Ferst Center. Oh, well, at least its not raining.

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