Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bad Cop = Letters to the Editor

I'm going on faith that the arrest of Preston from happened the way it was reported on FAB's site because I was so burned up at the idea of it that the following got sent to the AJC...

"What is the difference between an Atlanta police officer and a criminal? On the right day and time, not much.

Apparently parking in a handicap parking spot, destroying pictures of said parking offense, destroying cameraphone, and arresting the individual complaining about said offenses is all in a days work for one police officer. Forunately, the man in question was wheelchair-bound so he was easily subdued, and his phone confiscated/destroyed. Additionally, this all occurred wth additional officers witnessing the whole altercation, so backup was at hand in case things got rougher then they already were.

Is this indicative of most of the city’s police force? No. Is this the worst they could have done? No. But it boggles the mind that a local officer would find himself taking up actions against a wheel-chair bound individual, instead of simply parking anywhere but in a handicapped spot, like the rest of us do."

Since my letter is just reacting to what I read online, and lacking in any sort of crediblity, I would ask that anyone closely associated with this event send a note to the AJC. This sort of thing will be completely ignored unless a stink is made about it.

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