Friday, September 02, 2005

It's Art Friday! Hurray, Art!

Why is it "Art Friday"? Reason #1.

My next paycheck will be from the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Got to aid in the installation of their upcoming show, "Red Beans and Rice." Me, I was helping Arthur Liou, a video artist and professor at Indiana University. The curators are Kóan-Jeff Baysa and Craig Bunting, both very nice guys and on the "enjoyable" end of the curatorial spectrum. The other end is "indulged megalomania, with delusions of splendor." I met that one working at the Guggenheim.

Kóan-Jeff Baysa edits the online art mag art::pulse and Craig Bunting has a site, Running Film, which is an online gallery of his work and collaborative works with John Lair.

Why is it "Art Friday"? Reason #2.

The new Franz Ferdinand song "Do You Want To?" is pretty good, and the video makes fun of pretentious art gallery culture. Click the picture to give your bandwidth a workout and see the boys make fun of Duchamp.

Sez one funny guy, "Wow, that video was like the art-rock version of "Fight For Your Right To Party". I'm not sure if that makes it great, ridiculous or both."

"I hear your friends are all so arty!"

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