Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Bob Thinks Stop Being a Micro Man " - Poetry from Email

I started collecting junk email based on the surprisingly interesting subject lines. While I'm not the only one who has created poety from them (junk mail poetry - Google Search ), these are my contributions to the form.

The first one is about dirty thoughts and the second is stuff. Enjoy.


Bob thinks... stop being a micro man!
Humongous rods in tiny bods... Pound
on her bloomin' onion.
Tear her shrimp bed apart.
Power drill debutantes... behind?!!!


Electron affinity...
A lot of nudity bogs snowily
moot pews accomplishes.

Teaspoon swallowtail
intently opting swallowtail.

life, acute senator...
keep yer farking money!!!
Prosecutor apology, incontestable.

Healthful strongest bible,

Arab bumptious.


Thank you. I was helped by Delmer Craft, ZULA TEAGUE, ALBINA LONGORIA, William, Aurelia Ozment and others nameless poets in the creation of these works.

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la.dauphine said...

"Pews"? So I see you're getting junk mail from the Catholic Church!

Great site!