Sunday, August 14, 2005

So Very Green And Wet: Atlanta, First Night

Atlanta's main gift to us was waiting until the truck was mostly unpacked to pound the city with a downpour.

We took this as a sign to get dinner. As we drove to Mali, we learned how locals drive in the rain (mostly slow with a 15% chance of freaking dangerous), noticed 2 traffic lights on Ponce no longer working, and passed a dedicated jogger who couldn't have been more wet had he been underwater.

Mali continued to impress. A fine Thai meal helped restore us to tackle the remaining stuff in the truck. The rain had stopped, there was still light in the sky. Before getting home there was some police excitement. One of the city's finest was having no luck pulling over two motorcyclists, with one cutting through a parking lot going west on Ponce, and the other doing a 360 before cutting north across Ponce and disappearing into the neighborhood. Angry cops blew across the intersection but I'm betting no dice.

Biker Boyz 1, Cops 0

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