Thursday, August 25, 2005

High-Tech Meets Low Brow + Job News

It's a high-tech household that has both members wirelessly reading The Awful Truth in two separate rooms. Gotta love Ted and his Hollywood gossip. But makes me wonder if this is what Al Gore wanted when he invented the internet.

This week has been show-my-resume-to-people week. And lo and behold, people read it and it was good. Now, I've seen a bunch of museums and galleries, have a couple of leads, put lots of faces with names, and have a better understanding of Atlanta Art Things, like why SCAD taking over the ACA makes some people unhappy.

On-call work is all about juggling offers. There are several leads with the possiblity of having to turn some work down due to scheduling conflicts. It went quickly from none to too many. One promised to call with further info/date/times and one emailed out of the blue. But no promises have been made, so now it's about finding what everyone's requirements are, how long and who knows what else. But if there's a conflict that can't be resolved, I've got to go with the folks that asked first, even if that means less work immediately. You just gotta do what's right.

Was that too vague? More details to follow as plans get finalized.

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