Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Devil is in the Details: Good, Clean, Christian Fun (Part 1)

A little while ago there was the MegaFest Youth Kick-Off in Atlanta. It got me thinking about good-time religion and how it introduced me to David Lynch.

Many years ago, the Baptist Youth Fellowship was held in upstate New York, and a hotel was overrun with kids of the Baptist persuasion ranging between 13 and 17 (I was about 14, I think). One of the nights we had a collection of impressionable girls in our room and we were channel surfing when we stumbled across David Lynch's Blue Velvet. The bizarre surrealness of the movie sucked us in, Dennis Hopper huffing gas, just a gorgeous, strange movie. And much of it took place in a town that looked much like the ones were from: pretty, unassuming, small towns.

A good night was had by all and none of the adults knew of the movie watching or the bed breaking (just good clean Christian kids exceeding the bed's weight limit, nothing else).

Next Time on Good Clean Christian Fun (Part 2): Team Satan overruns the Christian Music Fest Productions Crew. Good Fun!

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