Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's Hot: Hey It's Hot In Atlanta, Too

The folks in Atlanta are complaining about the temp (Metroblogging Atlanta) and giving advice on what to wear (Metroblogging Atlanta again).

But take a gander at the Vegas temps during the month of June. Why June? Why that's when the 6 month-old air conditioner crapped out, taking a week to replace. Yes, damn hot, indeed!

Current temp. - 93 at midnight.

I can't wait to experience seasons again.

So, Muse, what's your take on Vegas v. Atlanta in the summer?


The Muse said...

Vegas summers v. Atlanta summers? Easy. Bring on the Vegas. Yes, its hotter than Hades and the sweat evaporates off your skin, leaving a salty residue that you just itch to dry off. But Atlanta summers couple the heat and the humidity, so you feel like you are breathing through a wet washcloth. In Vegas, I can dry my hair perfectly pin straight in under 10 minutes, no straightening iron required. Here, it takes me close to a half hour for the process. In Vegas, I have to use a little extra moisturizer. Here, my makeup turns icky and liquidy and non-pretty. My father once compared the muggy, opressive August Atlanta days to walking around, tucked in someone's armpit. Yuck. Thank goodness the fall weather makes up for it.

Robert said...

I'll put a #2 on the hair trimmer (like I always do) and leave my makeup in Vegas. Yeah, less packing.