Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Atlanta, Happy Trees

Happy Trees
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Triumph in Atlanta, for an apartment has been found. My/our second trip to the city resulted in:

1) 5 days, 180 miles on the rental car (a sweet KIA {not an oxymoron} that rented for $15 a day)

2) A tour of the amazing wide range of apartments. Atlanta has no apartments with a perfectly flat floor, or straight walls. The reasons for this are quite unclear.

3) Getting stuck in Atlanta Braves traffic as a result of avoiding Pride Weekend.

4) Krispy Kremes (chocolate glazed washed down with chocolate milk), phenomenal Thai at Mali, good breakfast at Flying Biscuit.

5) A trip to Chamblee's Antique Row where a sweet desk for the new apartment was bought at the Antique Factory. After the slim pickings in the Vegas Valley, we were blown away by the choices there. And we were complimented on our good taste, even before we dropped a bunch of dough there.

And conversely for those looking to find a place in Vegas, this offer came up in the LV Artist Yahoo Group.

"Hi Everyone been in the funny farm for 2 months but at this time I'm running
on all pegs need room mate in the House Of Art to Help me Make It.I'll will
take deposit out in sex $400.00 a mounth thats all ,use artcar can have
partys and really I pefere a good fuck and a good cook love fucking and
eating. pleasa Help thanks House Of Art they took my cell phone in Napa
State Hosp. new # is 8826890"

There used to be a time that I worked at the New Orleans Museum of Art (as well as the Contemporary Arts Center | New Orleans, Las Vegas Art Museum and the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum). When I saw a Bob Ross t-shirt at Target, I just had to get it, envisioning a day that I would be working at a museum (hello High Museum, how are you?) installing fine art while wearing it.

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