Sunday, July 13, 2008

Neighbors: Glenbrook Valley - Houston, TX

There was an open house for some pretty sweet mod-style homes in the Glenbrook Valley. While driving, got to see how some of the neighbors express themselves.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Sloth: Slacking In Real Life and On-Line

The summer has long been here in Houston. The heat has been nice and roasty, but years spent in Atlanta, Las Vegas and New Orleans have us all quite used to the high temperatures. I will use the heat as my excuse for not posting, but in truth a lack of adventures along with a distractingly cute child have kept me from posting. Friends and family, however, have been inundated with pictures of a stunning little baby.

In a few days, a summer road-trip will take place. This one will be mainly about introducing the new kid to family and friends. The route threads itself up north, neatly avoiding almost any roadside oddities and attractions. I guess not every trip can be about huge statues and strange museums. That being the case I may be given the opportunity to hit something off the beaten track.

As some local Houstonians have been taking some great shots, I may get some people's Fkickr pix posting on occasion.

So, fun and photos our travels and adventures will follow sometime. Until then, hope the season is treating everyone well.