Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Ladies Were Kicking Ass

The Grand Prix World Cup (Senior World Cup Fencing) was at the Stardust Resort & Casino this weekend. Women from all around the world came to our city to whack at each other with sabers and poke at each other with foils. Electronic uniforms and wireless weapons automated the scoring and gave the event an unexpectedly hi-tech quality. It was Xena, warrior princess, with electronic beeping and LEDs.

With my brilliant wife out of town and me having worked my last day at the MGM on Friday, I'll be searching for entertaining and free events all summer like the one I described above. Fortunately, one day before my last, the MGM gave out to all its employees freebies for the summer. I took the option of 4 free movie tickets. So do the math.

4 tickets = about $36
MGM has about 10,000 peeps... so that's about $360,000 in gifts.

Say what you will about working in casinos (it sucked/paid the bills/kept me insured), the perks ain't bad. That and the employee dining room had a larger buffet than some of the smaller casinos' public buffets. Got paid for my lunch hour and ate for free. Perks!

Ticket #1. Batman Returns
Grade A-
Reasons to see the movie: Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow), The Batmoblie, no Robin.

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Funny stuff.