Friday, September 30, 2011

Seen on the Road: Harry Potter Hummer Fan

Bumper sticker = "My Other Car is a Nimbus 2000"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Houston Fine Art Fair Recap: With Favorites

Houston has the reputation of a distant relative you don't really know well, but makes lots of money, buys expensive clothes in poor taste, and gets loud when they drink too much. The success of the first Houston Fine Art Fair, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, might make our city appear more cultured in national and international eyes.

I was there for three of the days, due to a new job.  The usual snappy dressers with nice cars were well-represented, but moderately priced tickets also had local curiosity seekers walking around.  The few that I talked to were impressed with the scale and appearance of the booths.  Houston galleries in attendance looked great, with their exhibiting artists looking right in place neighboring national and international galleries all around.  Houston high-tech artist William Betts had pieces in two out-of-state galleries, which was my introduction to him.   His art is fine; it's his automated, CNC router that makes his pieces that keeps my interest.
Even if the job doesn't take me to the upcoming Texas Contemporary Art Fair, I hope to attend, just to compare and contrast. 

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