Monday, February 19, 2007

ATL Rollergirls: Game 1 of Season 3!!!

Yeah, it gets three exclamation points. It was that good, and it was just the first bout of the year.

The Denim Demons got beat by the Toxic Shocks, 126 to 102. They were a pretty fresh team, with a lot of new players. The Toxic Shocks looked like a better, stronger machine. Despite their loss, the DD's never stopped playing and tried to cut the TS's lead right up until the end. Plus there was fantastic ejection by the refs of Toxic Shock's Captain Queen Loseyateefa.

After illegally pushing a jammer out of the rink, she was kicked out due to a rude gesture aimed at a ref. Nice!

Both teams have some great jammers (the only team member who can scores/moving target). Here are some of the nice quiet girls who skate better than you ever will.

S.M. Allsk8r - Denim Demon

Demi Gore - Denim Demon

Sk8 Outa Compton - Toxic Shocks

Wheelin' Jennings - Toxic Shocks

I was bummed that I missed last year's Vegas match, but we saw 3 of the season games and the great championship. Looking forward to the '07 season. Did I mention that the bout was estimated by the teams to have about 1,000 people attending? Good number!

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Tessa said...

Hells yes! Just wait for the Apocalypstix vs Sake Tuyas on March 18! Rematch of last year's Championship! ;)

Robert said...

That championship was so hardcore. Tied at the end, decided in overtime. I couldn't believe you all could still stand in those last 2 minutes.

Tanya Hyde said...

those shocks were a hard ass bunch. LOVED playing with them though!!!

Seth said...

Wish I could have been there. Jenn has coworkers on both sides of this clash.

Robert said...

You should bring your little one. I'm trying to get my niece as a fan, but there are no teams near her.