Friday, September 23, 2005

Weather Channel Outlook: Mainly Foxy, With Occasional Outbursts of Hunky

I'm watching the Hurricane Rita coverage and say to my wife, "When did they start hiring models on the Weather Channel?" She laughs. But it seems like they finally figured that their perfect ratings storm is bad weather and good looks. The Weather Channel looks to have bought some of its meteorologist gym memberships and only tight t-shirts. Place these people in danger, add water, and wet hotties are the result. The men are looking pretty ripped, but its Stehpanie Abrams is getting a lot of attention online. In simply looking up her name, a disturbing large collection of sites are found talking about her. One example, Monkeycube...

"I vividly remember the first time I saw Stephanie: I was minding my own business, flipping through the channels, when I landed on The Weather Channel and immediately got sucked in by her cleavage. I was helpless — her bra must have had some sort of built-in tractor beam. "

I know that the 18-34 male demographic is one that all the channels are looking for but if this strange intersection of "America'a Top Model" meets "Acts of God, 2005" continues... what next, the Maxim Disaster Weather Channel?


More strangeness found while Googling for this post...

Kaptured for You, a collection of hot female news anchor/meteorologist screen captures. Clearly a case of too-much-time/too-little-anything-else.

And to finish this bizarre post, I leave you with this quote about Becky Quick from the approriately titled website, ApeChild.

"With her slutty pout and her insinuating sideways glances, the Gorilla knows that she is a bad girl dressed up in a prim and proper business suit. In fact, the Gorilla has noticed that her neckline moves up and down in an inverse correlation with the Dow Jones Industrial Average."

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la.dauphine said...

That Kaptured for you is hilarious. I can understand stalking the 'model'-types, but even the frumpy hosts are captured. Well, at least it's very democratic.