Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Entertainment Recap: Penguins, Spaceships & The Salton Sea

It's the beginning of week four since our Atlanta move. Now that we are here, we get to take advantage of all the great features of the city: food, movies, music, etc... I hate that we missed Sealab 2021's white-boy rapper MC Chris. We blew too much money furnishing the new apartment that day and had to go without a live version of the Star Wars rap masterpiece "Fett's Vette." Which can be downloaded from his site.

But we have seen movies:

March of the Penguins @ Lefont Theater Garden Hills - the Lefont's a cute single screen theater in Buckhead. We parked on the street, walked a hundred feet and were in the door. The Lefont chain has one of the best pre-movie "buy-our-candy-don't use-the-phone" movies. Most other theaters' just suck, and why is that? Penguins are awesome, the movie was good, and one person wonders What Has Our Society Come To When March Of The Penguins Is The Blockbuster Hit Of The Summer?

Serenity @ AMC Phipps Plaza - I got the free movie pass while buying cds/comic books at Criminal Records. The movie was great, the Dragon-Con fans were loving seeing their favorite characters from the now-cancelled show (Firefly), and the two old ladies who were expecting a quiet movie (which the name would imply) left when Summer Glau was impaled in the head with some sci-fi medical device. Sci-fi fans, go see a smart movie that actually has a decent plot that pays off in the end.

Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea @ Eyedrum - It took me more time than expected to find this tucked-away art space near the Oakland Cemetery, but totally worth it. This documentary was one of the last movies shown as a part of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. The Salton Sea is a man-made lake, a mistake that has remained since the turn of the century. The movie features the folks that make it home, including "Hunky Daddy," a drunken, Hungarian freedom-fighter who loves his bit of American paradise. The Salton Sea is an environmental disaster waiting to happen, and one that will probably happen in our lifetime.

Movies I still want to see... Murderball, Broken Flowers, Howl's Moving Castle, Megacities, and maybe The Aristocrats.

Suggestions, reviews, contributions?

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